BackgroundLee Michael Tiller

As children we all remember our first love. Strangely mine happened to be a paintbrush and a box of paints. To this day I can recall the sense of calm that overtook me when I escaped into my world of colour.


Here today I am in constant conversation with life. I am having a midlife reverie. For me, to paint is to experience a sensation that manifests itself in a physical way. I long to taste the colour red, to hear the delicacy of blue-violet as it resonates through the air. I aim to impart something of my human essence into the painted impasto troughs of oil and impressionist brush strokes that mark the fingerprints of my work.

My studio is nestled amidst the mountains of Kerry, and this is where you will find me painting, conversing with the spirits of artists long past and those still present.

My works are collected around the world and can be found in private collections in many countries including the UK, Ireland, the USA, and New Zealand.


Almost my entire professional life has been concerned with 'Light'. As a photographer I would endeavour to capture the transient effects of light for the most dramatic result. As a lighting designer I would employ lighting techniques to create effects in an architectural environment that would enhance a particular experience, literally painting with light.

Within my paintings, as in nature, you will discover microcosms of colour harmony that often surprise. Through the sensitive but bold use of colour I hope that my paintings instil a sense of placeand time, or convey an emotional statement. In many ways this transcends into a non verbal two way conversation. I like to consider them a re-introduction to the joy and gaiety of colour that exists all around us.

My paintings are constructed from minute colour combinations that resound with chromatic harmonies and tone, much like the rich and full resonance of a musical chord.

Art is delicious. It can be sexy, romantic, contemplative, or any one of a multitude of life affecting experiences. It is the oldest form of communication known to man and although sonically silent, exudes a loud voluminous splendour that is rarely if ever equalled. For me it is life enhancing.

My influences are many, but I am especially inspired by the great artists such as Corot, Monet, Sargent, Caillbotte, Pissarro, Manet, and Bonnard.